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Is this you?

1) You need unique products to attract and drive more sales
2) You want to keep up with competitor
3) You need a professional supplier to manufacture customized product
4) You have an idea of new design,and need a reliable partner to make this design comes true
5) You need to find one manufacturer help you make injection or silicone moulding
6) You want to do protective case and accessories for your own brand device

How we help?

1) Provide Product Design Solution

2) Provide Moulding Manufacture

3) Provide Plastic Injection Manufacture

4) Produce Phone/Tablet Protective Cases and accessories

5) Produce Car Mount/Bike Mount/ Phone holder 

6) Produce Pravite Patent trendy new Products 

About Us

Grandshine is professional Mobile phone/Tablet Accessories Manufacturer and Products Design Company from 2006. We have 15 members outstanding engineer team,who has 10 years rich experience in plastic injection,consumer electronic,products ID,Industrial product design.Most of them comes from famous design company like ARTOP,DATANG,SKYWORLD ETC.

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How to manage a transparent supply chain? Many companies who are looking for a long-term profitability are looking for a supplier with social responsibility. The goal of a social responsibility audit is to document and manage a company practice with regards to society, environment, shareholders and employees. Major point of focus are fair labor laws, sustainability (Eco-friendly), workplace harassment and abuse, working conditions and health and safety.

CeritificateOne social audit passed company help company develop and implement fair practice programs of supply chain, enhance company’s image in the eyes of public, build up a long term business partnership.

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Sucessful Case

Sucessful CaseThank you very much for your trust and supporting to our company through 2013. According to our company, our Spring Festival holiday is planed to be spent from Jan. 25th to Feb. 7th , 2014. ...

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