Apple pencil 2 charging case

This product is a USB-C interface extension, which can be connected to Apple Mac Book, Huawei mate Book, Xiaomi notebook, Samsung S8 S9 Huawei mate10, etc., notebook and mobile device with type-c interface, realize USB C interface HDMI interface output, a USB3.0 typeA interface output, and integrated PD fast charge function, is a multi-function USB-C interface docking station

Product feature:

1.USB type-c interface input
2.Support USB type-c fast charging interface
3.Support USB3.0.
4.HDMI output resolution supports up to 4K*2K/30~60Hz,
5.Keep your Apple Pencil and it's accessories safe and help you to transfer or read data
6.All-in-one storage,prevents Apple pencil and their accessories from missing.
7.Support PD fast charging

Technical parameters:

1,Type-c interface input:Only for notebooks and mobile phones with Type-C interfaces, such as Apple Mac Book, Huawei Mate Book, Xiaomi notebook, etc.

2,Charging interface:Micro USB-C  

3,PD protocol standard:Compliant with PD 2.0 protocol specifications

4,PD charging voltage range:5V-20V

5,PD charging current:Max20V/5A

6,USB interface:Micro USB3.0 

7,USB charging current:Max5V/1A

8,USB protocol standard:Compliant with USB 3.1 specification

9,USB interface parameters:Supports ultra-high speed USB connection, and fully compatible with all USB 2.0/USB 1.1 devices.

10,HDMI interface:Micro HDMI

11,Support HDCP:Compliant with HDCP2.2 HDCP1.4

12,HDMI protocol standard:Compliant with HDMI2.0, HDMI1.4 and DVI1.0 specifications

13,HDMI Video Output Support Resolution: Max 3840*2160p@30-60Hz


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Apple pencil 2 charging case

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