Pogo pin connector

What is a Pogo pin connector?
Pogo Pin connector is a spring-type probe formed by the plunger, Tube, Spring and Housing after riveting with high-precision equipment, also known as spring needle, spring thimble, spring probe, spring loaded, pogo pin connector.

◊ Pogo pin connector application:

used for precise connection of electronic products such as mobile phone, communication, medical treatment, aerospace, military industry, etc., which can improve the corrosion resistance, stability, and durability of these connectors. Suitable for manual welding, wave welding, SMT patch

◊Pogo pin connector parameters:

 plunger: brass(C3604)              spring:Stainless steel(sus304)

Barrel: brass(C3604)                stretch:70g+-20g(can be customized)

Housing:  PA46, PA9T, HTN, LCP

Life:100,000 times(can be customized)   

electric current:1-30A(can be customized)


◊ Product specification:

A The rated voltage: Less than 3.7-36Volts DC

B,Rated current:0.5-50 Am continuous/pin

C, work temperature:-40℃-85℃

D,storage temperature:-40℃-85℃

E,Working humidity:10%R.H-90%R.H

F,Durability:The static test 500,000cycles,Dynamic testing 10,000 cycles

G, resistance:30m Ohm Max.@working stroke

H, Insulation resistance before pin:500m Ohm Min


◊  The advantage of a Pogo pin connector:

  1. Compared with antenna shrapnel, pogo pin has smaller distributed capacitance and distributed inductance due to the shorter current path at the same working height, which is more conducive to impedance matching, especially in high-frequency band
  2. Based on the same working height, pogo pin is much higher than shrapnel in the self-resonant frequency band, with less loss, which is conducive to efficient transmission of high-frequency signals
  3. Pogo pin can be implemented in the current connection scheme, with current carrying capacity up to more than 10A


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Pogo pin connector

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