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Successful Case

Successful Case

Successful Case

The Best Mini Wireless Earphone With Charging Case

2016-12-19   Grandshine Technology


Whether you’re a seasoned runner breaking marathon records or a nervous beginner pulling on your first ever running shoes, your favourite music can provide the extra motivation you need to push through the pain barrier. Everyone has their favourite song that can get them motivated, so music can be the perfect companion whether you're running long distance or working on your sprint speed.

But you shouldn't haved to struggle with earbuds that fall out of your ears or big cumbersome cans slipping off your head. You won't even notice you're wearing a good pair of running headphones, allowing you to concentrate on your run while your favourite tunes get your heart racing.


We used all pairs in the gym and outdoors to ensure these headphones can brave the elements, comparing their ability to fight off sweat, rest securely in the ears and deliver great sound quality.


Some of the headphones in the market are wired, some are wireless, and now one is even 'truly wireless'. The wireless options, which connect over Bluetooth, will cost more but not having the distraction of a cable rubbing against your running shirt or getting snagged on tree branches is a convenience you shouldn't ignore.


Key features:


*Strong power reserves, up to 150 hours long standby

The exclusive 60mAh battery, beyond Competitors, High version as more 100mAh.Traditional Sports Bluetooth Earphone only 30mAh battery. Charge Box can store several times extra power, meet your requirement at any time.


*Sleek, minimalist design

Use Apple hardware and software combination process Combine the internal metal cavity as a whole unit

More harsh  technique from the inside to outside & crafted parts


*In-ear design, never drop while sporting

Blueshadow wireless in-ear headphones are a great fit for fans of big, pumping tracks. The detail and finesse is very perfect, which means that it’s never drop while sporting.


*Truly wireless design

These are the only 'truly wireless' earbuds currently on our list. This means they are completely cord-free, with two separate earbuds. Thankfully, the fit is still incredibly secure thanks to a range of wingtips and tip sizes, so there's no worry about them falling out and getting lost.


*Charging case

An included case not only keeps the earbuds secure when not in use, but will also top up the battery. Blueshadow Sport Earphone are rated at 4.5 hours of playback, and the case can provide three to four additional charges. While these earbuds definitely come at a high price, they're worth it if you want advanced training features as well as a liberating cord-free form factor.


*Sport button with voice prompts

The Blueshadow Sport Earphone are wireless for starters so there's no flailing cable to tuck under your gym shirt or running jacket. The earbuds sit snug and comfortable inside the ears and cleverly conceal the micro USB charging port, which will give you just over four hours of battery life.


*Great value for money

What are you waiting for? Come to contact with us immediately. We will give you more details and best price.

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