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Successful Case

Successful Case

What’s SINBOR anti-bacterial/anti-radiation mobile phone case?

2016-12-13   Grandshine Technology


Since the Samsung NOTE7 explosion, mobile phone security problems become a hot topic in all around the world. All airline company not allow passengers board on flight who take Samsung Galaxy Note7. There is also one hot saying in internet “If you hate your boss, pls give him a Galaxy note7". Today, Note7 explosion issued was settled. But this has led to a series of consumer thinking “Is our mobile phone really safe?”

Indeed, the rise of the mobile Internet, mobile phones has become an irreplaceable part of people's daily life.Today,mobile Phone applications has full coverage of all kinds of people's daily Basic necessities life,entertainment,working etc. However,how many security risks of this small piece of electronic products?

how dose phone get bacteria.jpg

According to authoritative statistics, there are more than 200 kinds of bacteria attach on our smartphone, which is 18 times bacteria on the toilet. Escherichia coli / Staphylococcus aureus / Salmonella Cholerae suis has become a serious health risk in our lives. But we have not been aware of these bacteria attached on mobile phones until we fall ill. For example, people did not aware of Note7 battery risk unit it explode.How to keep our health away from bacteria ? SINBOR can do it .

pathogenic bacteria.jpg

About the pathogenic bacteria on your mobile phone, you only need to choose a functional mobile phone shell, you can solve 99% problem by SINBOR anti-bacterial case.SINBOR,one brand has been committed to the daily health and anti-bacterial applications for years. We do not sell advertising, we only focus on solving problem in our life.

SINBOR anti radiation case packaging.jpg

SINBOR anti-bacterial case was designed in Germany, introduce famous Japanese MICROKILLER anti-bacterial technology and combined with the experienced Ag+ ion injection technology. SINBOR smartphone case can reach 99% anti-bacterial rate and was designed with one protective layer from daily bacteria and kill all bacteria wherever we put our smartphone on. This anti-bacterial mobile phone case has passed SGS international anti-bacterial testing and reach medical certificate level, which is truly protect our health from bacteria.

At the same time, we quote the silver fiber bonding technology for mobile devices to prevent radiation treatment. SINBOR mobile phone case will reduce all harm of mobile phone electromagnetic radiation without affecting the mobile phone signal .

SINBOR anti bacterial case aqual green..jpg

Also, SINBOR iphone6s/7 6plus/7plus anti-bacterial case comes with Hand-Free charging dock. It is more convenient for you to put your iphone back to dock while charging, you do not need to looking for your cable anywhere.The most important is your phone will not touch with more new pathogenic bacterial while standing on charging dock instead of lie down on the desk.

SINBOR anti radiation case charging dock.jpg

SINBOR iphone6s/7 case was made from Flexible tpu protects your phone against accidental drops and bumps,Durable front lip offers added protection,Provides your phone with better hand grip.Precision cut-outs give full access to all controls on your phone.

SINBOR anti-baterial/anti-radiation mobile phone case is not only a fashion stylish dress for your iphone6s/7 iphone6s plus/7plus, but also your health protector.

SINBOR anti bacterial case aqual green.jpg

In the face of media reporters, SINBOR CEO put forward a series of vision and brand philosophy."Doing product, we need to do useful products”. “I will not boast garish, my wife is pregnant now, my idear is very simple:i should give my wife and baby one health products.SINBOR brand founder Mr. Yan said.

Welcome to contact with us for more details of SINBOR iphone6s/7 anti-bacterial/anti-radiation protective case at

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