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Is iPhone SE 2 coming? Does Apple need the SE series?

Date: 2019-10-24 Author: Grandshine Views: 2057

 It is said that iPhone SE 2 will be put into production January 2020 and officially launched to the market in late March 2020.

Guo Mingwei, a well-known analyst of Tianfeng Securities, pointed out in the latest investment analysis report that the iPhone SE 2 will be put into production in January 2020 and will be officially launched to the market at the end of March 2020. In the same report, Guo Mingxi also predicted that the iPhone SE 2 would switch to the LCP antenna for better performance. It is reported that the iPhone SE2 will have three colors such as deep gray, white and red. The iPhone SE2 is similar in design to the iPhone 8. It measures 4.7 inches and starts at $399, or about RMB 2,800. (IT House)

As per Guo Mingxi's forecast information for iPhone SE2 is as follows:

Body: the same design as the iPhone 8, 4.7-inch screen

Color matching: available in deep gray, silver and red

Processor: equipped with Apple A13 chip

Stock: 3GB LPDDR4X

Storage: 64GB / 128GB

Verification method: Touch ID fingerprint verification
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Does Apple need the iPhone SE series?

In the spring of 2016 the iPhone SE was launched suddenly, it gave Apple a head start on the RMB4,000 market. This is Apple's only small-sized iPhone with flagship performance at the time. It is also an iPhone with flagship performance at the price of RMB4,000, which has a very significant impact on the market.

In fact, even today, three years later, many people’s impression of iPhone SE is: small screen and low price.

But looking back, after so many years, does Apple still need the SE series?

From macro perspective, I think the iPhone SE series does have some value. On one hand, Apple really needs to consolidate price market of RMB3000-4000 in the current market environment. In the face of the Android camp, the brand strategy of the Snapdragon 855 Plus flagship has been achieved within RMB3,000, and the existing old iPhone will be sold at a reduced price, this marketing method can attract users any more.

In other words, Apple needs an iPhone that can compete for at least the same price in the Android camp to consolidate the price range of RMB3,000-4,000. Choosing to build SE2 with the already mature iPhone 8 line is one of the ways to save costs and upgrade your product's competitiveness.

On the other hand, Apple is using the entry device to drive software services. This point is actually revived from this year's iPod Touch, iPad Air and iPad mini. Apple can promote games, movies and music services to see it. This year, Apple is promoting users to upgrade old devices through lower-cost entry devices. This allows older users to experience new services in the new system.

The last is to keep the iPhone product line active in the market. As Apple's profitable head, iPhone sales and services have been linked to the company's stock price. Upgrading old products instead of opening another product line like three years ago will allow Apple to maintain the freshness of the iPhone product line at a lower cost. The 12-month-long cycle has been reduced to every 6 months to further enhance brand influence and product sales, and maintain the company's stock market development advantage.

What do you think? Does Apple need the SE series?