3D screen protector is coming

Date: 2019-08-17 Author: Grandshine Views: 2379

With the rapid development of mobile phones, almost everyone uses a mobile phone every day..but the screen of the mobile phone will be scratched after a long time. Then the mobile phone screen protector was birth: the whole screen, HD film, matte ect. They make you dazzling and do not know which one to choose. If there is a 3D mobile phone screen protector, will you choose it? After attaching this film, your eyes can directly watch 3D movies any time and any where, without wearing any peripherals, make you enjoy the fun of 3D without any restrictions
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This screen protector can not only watch 3D,also has the role of super protection mobile phone,Comprehensive coverage, strong protection,No dead angle fit, let your phone bloom the original screen color,the quality is no worse than the tempered glass screen protector on the market,With such a black technology, you will become the focus immediatelyThe biggest advantage of 3D mobile phone screen protector:

-This screen protector can be used to present 3D images, which can be watched anytime and anywhere without any equipment.-Correcting myopia simulates natural depth of field and automatically corrects lens deformation.

-Looking at the naked eye 3D for half an hour is equivalent to pushing the window to look at the natural scenery for the same time, one protector dual-use.-Can enjoy 3D viewing and play the role of daily protection of mobile phones

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