desinfetante multifuncional com carregador sem fio

This fast wireless charger station can charge 3 devices simultaneously with UV disinfecting capabilities. You can fast wireless charge your iphone,airpod earbud and iwatch at the same time. UVC light sterilizer can kills 99.99% germs on phone to give you healthy life.
Product specification

Input:9V/2A  9V/2.7A or 12V/2A

Phone output: 15W/10W/7.5W/5W

Apple watch output:2.5W

Earphone output: 3W

UV light output: 3W

USB output:5V/1A

Input interface: Type-C port

Conversion rate: >75%

Product size: 7.3*3.5*3 inches

Transmission Distance<8mm


Applicable devices

1. Smartphone : compatible with all devices with Qi standard. For all other phones without Qi Standard , those will be working with wireless receiver.


Apple: iphone11, iphone 11pro,iphone 11 pro Max, XS iphone XS max,iphone XR,iphone X, iphone 8, iphone8 plus

Samsung: Galaxy S, Galaxy note20, Galaxy note20 plus,Galaxy note,Galaxy note10+, Galaxy Active.

Huawei:P40 pro, P30 pro,mate30,mate 30 pro, P20 pro, P20 RS

Xiaomi: mi10, mi10 pro,mi 9, mix3,mix 2S

2. Smart warch: iwatch  1 2 3 4 5

3. Earphon : Apple airpods pro, Samsung galaxy buds,huawei freebuds and other Tws earbuds with wireless charging

About hidden danger on phone:

Research by University of Arizona also revealed that cellphone can carry 10 times mre bacterica than toilet seats

What we don’t realize is that all of the precautionary measures we take might be easily reversed just by grabbing our phones. So we need a convenient and effective disinfection way to get rid of these hidden danger around us.


Disinfection by UV-C when wireless charging

UVC light has a wavelength between 200-300nm with high energy which can kill or inactive microorganisms by destroying nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA/RNA, leaving them unable to replicate themselves.


The wireless charger station build with intelligent temperature controller&multiple protection: over current protection, over voltage protection, high temperature protection and foreign object detection(FOD)


Please send us your inquiry, thank you!

desinfetante multifuncional com carregador sem fio

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