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The 2019 CES Innovation Award is fresh! These products are going to spur the technology circle-part1

Date: 2019-08-19 Author: Grandshine Views: 2667

The annual global technology feast CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), opened in Las Vegas, USA from January 9th to 12th. CES has always been regarded as the“wind vane”in the field of international consumer electronics, bringing together the world's top black technology, which can be said to be the world's largest consumer technology event!

This year's CES show was attended by 4,500 companies including Sony, Intel, Google, Qualcomm and Bosch. From the perspective of the industry trend in 2018, in addition to continuing the "artificial intelligence" hotspots of the previous year, the hottest topic of this year is also 5G communication technology, driverless cars and folding mobile phones.


LG OLED flexible screen products

Bell self-driving helicopter
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Qualcomm 5G

Of course, in addition to these alternative black technologies, CES will also select the Best of Innovation every year. This innovation award is the highlight of CES every year and represents the most cutting-edge trend in the technology industry.
Lenovo Yoga C930
computer hardware and components
Speaking of the electronic ink screen, you think of must be the Kindle in the first time. But in fact, in addition to the application on the e-book, it can also have other uses! Lenovo introduced a notebook computer with an electronic ink screen this year. The biggest difference from ordinary computers is that its physical keyboard is replaced by an electronic ink screen.
The electronic ink screen keyboard can not only be typed, but also suitable for writing boards, drawing and reading, which is very suitable for designers or art workers.

LG Sound Bars Strip Smart Speaker SL9YG

Home Audio - Video Components and Accessories
LG released the Sound Bars smart speaker with ultra-thin body design, support Google Assistant Google Voice Assistant, and the British National Treasures brand Meridian Audio British Treasures jointly created, in terms of audio performance is better than ever. The overall speaker has a very
leek and simple appearance, the body thickness is only 5.7cm, and it is very close to LG's latest OLED TV, which can be hung next to the TV.
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LG V40 ThinQ mobile phone
Wireless devices, accessories and services
The LG V40 ThinQ is the first smartphone with 5 cameras (front 2, rear three), which is the first flagship product released after the LG G7.
The V40 ThinQ features a full glass body and aluminum frame, 6.4 inches, equipped with a high quality HDR OLED display, equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 6G running memory and a battery capacity of 3300 mAh.
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Mobius Elite Smart Headphones headset
Mobius is the first smart wireless earbud with a modular design, which is produced by the company Keda Xunfei. It has a very powerful real-time translation function, which is called industry black technology. Its charging box also features smart speakers, real-time translators, recorders and
Before the expanse of Science and Technology, a Mobius headset was released. The AIUI speech engine developed by Keda Xunfei can directly translate the contents heard by the mobile phone microphone to the headphones, supporting Chinese and English, Japanese, French, Korean, Spanish and Russian. Language. In addition, it is a smart Bluetooth sports headset that can realize heart rate monitoring and full voice intelligent interaction, with a large number of genuine audio content, more than 17 million songs.
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KitchenAid integrated chef machine Smart home
Cook Processor Connect can help you easily get cooking, and the same product can solve your various kitchen appliances. Because it is equipped with a blender, blade, egg beater, steamer and a 4.5L capacity pot. Has more than a dozen functions, including cooking, frying, steaming, stewing, braising, chopping, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and stirring.
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Kohler KOHLER Reis Inductive Kitchen

Faucet Smart home
Kohler KOHLER Resin Inductive Kitchen Faucet eliminates the need for a hand switch or touch, and simply touches the side of the faucet to switch the water dragon, eliminating the need for kitchen dirt. And its water output can be precisely controlled with voice passwords, making your cooking preparation easier and less laborious, reducing water wastage at the same time.
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Sony WH-1000XM3 headphones
The WH-1000XM3 is a new Sony release during IFA and is one of the best active noise canceling headphones on the market. Equipped with a new noise reduction chip QN1 (officially claims to be four times the performance of the previous generation) and a transmission chip, noise
cancellation and sound transmission are greatly enhanced compared to the previous one. This headset has been updated with respect to the 2nd generation headband design, making it closer to the head contour, lighter than the 2nd generation, and more comfortable for long periods of use. The headset also has a fast charging function, charging for 10 minutes can attain 5 hours of wireless playbac
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Atmospheric water generator
The water principle of Genny drinking water mechanism is similar to the air conditioning refrigeration. It uses the principle of refrigerant heat exchange to directly generate direct drinking water. The biggest advantage of this water dispenser is to eliminate the dependence on tap water, indirectly reduce environmental waste, and only need electricity to work.
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BTFreqTM With Alexa
Car Audio - Video
Use Amazon Alexa voice activation to provide more technology for in-vehicle systems. It allows Bluetooth to have a stereo system via Bluetooth, hands-free calling and music playback, as well as charging two devices at the same time.
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Sustainable development and ecological design
CoCoon is a 2.0 beehive with active thermal system and IoT capabilities. The system is a way to deal with climate change and is the most dangerous bee killer. The product can be self-powered and remotely controlled and monitored via GSM / LoRa.
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Harry Potter Wand Programming
Computer Accessories
The Harry Potter Clan Code Kit is the first Harry Potter STEM product ever to be worn with a wireless wand that allows you to easily encode and create. The wand consists of six components, including a Bluetooth system, a microcontroller, an encoderable flash system, a vibration motor, and multiple sensing systems. The wand needs to be assembled to complete the design.
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InnovizOne car-grade solid-state laser radar
Vehicle intelligence and autonomous driving technology
InnovizOne is the first and only solid-state laser radar product that offers a commercially viable, car-grade, 3D sensing solution that combines safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. InnovizOne is hailed by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) as the most outstanding product in the category of "Automotive Intelligence and Automated Driving Technology".
Insta360 Pro 2
Digital imaging and photography
Insta360 is a domestic manufacturer specializing in panoramic cameras, and its products include both consumer and professional. Insta360 Pro 2 is a professional-grade panoramic camera that supports 8K 3D/30fps shooting; joins gyroscopes for anti-shake shooting; joins wireless modules to view and adjust parameters with real-time remote control of mobile phones; with the new CrystalView 8K technology, Local decoding and rendering are possible.